P&G Alumni Global Business Catapult

Announcing the finalists of the P&G Alumni Global Business Catapult!

global winner 2

Victor Hugo Manzanilla

NA – USA – MicroSalt®

A breakthrough patented technology in salt production: MicroSalt® salt particles are 100x smaller than traditional salt. Due to the nano-sized particles, it dissolves immediately, delivering a higher saltiness with 50% less sodium. According to the FDA, reducing sodium intake by 33% will reduce an estimate of 28,000 to 50,000 premature deaths per year.

SteveMeller - CH4Global

Steve Meller

NA – USA - CH4 Global

CH4 Global is on an urgent mission to create a global aquaculture ecosystem, for Asparagopsis seaweed, to slash methane emissions from ruminant livestock to: (1) positively impact climate change; (2) support farmers by creating value; (3) improve the lives of First Nations people and; (4) improve the viability of the world’s oceans.

Neuropath Benoit

Benoit Tas

Europe – Belgium - NeuroPath

NeuroPath is a Digital Health Platform that collects and consolidates the multitude of symptoms of neurodegenerative diseases to provide therapy and remote patient monitoring to improve Quality of Life and reduce costs. We currently focus on People with Parkinson’s disease.

EcoWorth team pic Andre Stolz

Andre Stolz

Asia – Singapore - EcoWorth

EcoWorth Tech unlocks the potential of waste(water) by turning waste into worth. It converts cellulosic biomass into Carbon Fibre Aerogel (CFA) and incorporates it into filters & booms which removes & recuperates organics like oil. This leads to reduction of waste from industrial/Oil&Gas sources and cleaner waters for all.